Editorial Internship Description

Modern Humorist is seeking editorial interns for the summer. Editorial interns take part in all phases of the editorial process of our Web site. Interns are encouraged to contribute to brainstorming sessions and content development. This includes generating ideas, writing full pieces, refining jokes and editing content in development. To hold a nascent joke in your hands and see it grow to maturity... It's awesome.

Sound like fun? The following are also. Trust us.

  • Site Testing: Interns are responsible for ensuring ModernHumorist.com works on multiple browsers and operating systems. Prerequisite: Knowing what that means.

  • Research: Above all else, comedy must be accurate. As part of our covert ops force, interns research upcoming victims of our mockery. Prerequisite: Comfort with such research tools as dictionaries, search engines and your friend who never misses Dawson's.

  • Editorial Administration: Despite the advances in digital storage and communications, we do need interns to help us file and communicate with other humans. Prerequisite: Comfort with manila folders, the Outlook Express e-mail client and the touch-tone telephone.

Editorial interns work on-site in our luxurious offices in Brooklyn, New York.

Your dreams are waiting. Are you ready?

Contact working@modernhumorist.com for more information.