Hey! Does This Site Ever Get Updated?
No. Modern Humorist no longer posts new material on this Web site. It remains online as an archive. The site continues to receive hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, many of whom find the site thanks to countless links across the Web. Who are we to deny these visitors their entertainment?

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Getting your message out to the readers of ModernHumorist.com is simple and affordable. We offer IAB-standard banner sizes in multiple locations as well homepage text links.

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Who is the audience for Modern Humorist?
The primary market for Modern Humorist is age 18-50, with the core audience 18-34. Modern Humorist readers are 60% male, 40% female. Yes, each individual Modern Humorist reader is 60% male and 40% female.

Our readers are well-educated and upwardly mobile. In the advertising business, they are referred to as the desirable "yuppie douchebag" demographic.

I like you. A lot. Can we have a relationship?
If you're interested in a strategic partnership with Modern Humorist, you should see your shrink. Then, when he gives you the go ahead, contact feedback [at symbol] modernhumorist [dot symbol] com.

Wait! Now I'm having second thoughts. Can you reassure me?
Yes. Here are some outside opinions of Modern Humorist and its parody sites:

"It Zine"
Entertainment Weekly's It List 2000: The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment

"Wickedly funny."
The Wall Street Journal

"Hopelessly, screamingly, brutally funny."
Jesse Kornbluth, editorial director of America Online

"Fearlessly offensive."
New York Daily News

"Earnestness is refreshingly absent from its pop-culture-skewering pages."
Grade: A-
Entertainment Weekly

"Web humor we love."

"Wildly inventive."

"Puncturing the overinflated."
Men's Journal

"Best of the Web."
US weekly

"Understands the convergence of timely and funny."
Yahoo! Picks of the Week

"Cool, smart and extremely witty."
The London Daily Telegraph

Best Web Site Spoof (Talk magazine parody)
Yahoo Internet Life’s "100 Best Sites for 2000"

"La parodia si addice al Web."
Il Ducato

"Michael Colton and partner John Aboud have absolutely no business experience."
The Industry Standard

Click here for an Altavista Babelfish translation of a German-language magazine article about us.

Frankly, your blathering has my eyes glazing over. How can I get in touch with you?

For all inquiries:

feedback [at symbol] modernhumorist [dot symbol] com

ph: (347) 433-6648

Where is Modern Humorist?
e: feedback [at symbol] modernhumorist [dot symbol] com
ph: (347) 433-6648

What was Modern Humorist?
Modern Humorist was an entertainment company founded by John Aboud and Michael Colton in 2000. From April of 2000 until June of 2003, MH produced an award-winning comedy Web magazine. The company also created comedy for film, television, books, radio, theater, and print magazines. MH also built a boutique advertising/consulting practice. For one brief, shining moment, Modern Humorist was THE place to find smart comedy by both established talents and the next generation of hacks.

Modern Humorist…
· Developed a television pilot, “Star Saga,” for Comedy Central.
· Sold a film treatment, “Maggie,” to New Line Cinema.
· Published three books with Crown Publishing:
"My First Presidentiary: A Scrapbook by George W. Bush" (#1 bestseller in Washington, DC)
"Rough Draft: Pop Culture the Way It Almost Was"
"One Nation, Extra Cheese: Your Guide to the Bestest Country Ever"

Modern Humorist also…
· Operated an ad-services division, Humor Dynamics, which produced Microsoft's Clippy site. Humor Dynamics also developed campaigns for Time Warner Cable, Amazon.com, Artisan Entertainment, Altoids and Applegate Farms. In addition, Humor Dynamics wrote speeches for individuals.
· Produced a Web magazine which earned honors and rave reviews from Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and other periodicals around the world. The Web site also features a store.
· Produced comedy pieces for Time, Fortune, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan, New York magazine, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Maxim and National Public Radio.
· Produced live comedy shows at the Knitting Factory and other Manhattan venues.
· Offered a comedy-writing workshop to eager youngsters.

Who was Modern Humorist?
Creators involved with Modern Humorist have worked for such comedy institutions as "The Simpsons," "Saturday Night Live," "The Late Show with David Letterman," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher," The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Onion, McSweeney's, Spy magazine, Harper's magazine, the Washington Post, Playboy and Suck.

Who else was involved?
Funny you should ask. Our Board of Directors included Frank Marshall, the producer of "The Sixth Sense" and the "Indiana Jones" and "Back to the Future" film series; David O'Connor, partner and managing director of a respected company called Creative Artists Agency (CAA); and Eric Rayman, counsel at Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP and a trustee of the Harvard Lampoon, both fine organizations.

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," also appeared on Modern Humorist's "Board of Advisors with Jon Stewart." This board also included Mark Silber, an award-winning creative director and the founder of Silberware.

How can I write for Modern Humorist?
Unfortunately, you cannot. Modern Humorist is no longer updating this site nor accepting content submissions.

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