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IT SURE SEEMED like a good idea: take a raw independent film and turn it into a breezy cartoon for primetime television. Sadly, ABC’s recent cancellation of "Clerks" after just two episodes snuffs out a nascent genre before it was really given a chance.

In the tradition of "The Fugitive" and "The Pretender," "The Sweet Hereafter" follows the exciting adventures of attorney Mitchell Stephens and his spunky, sexy, wheelchair-bound sidekick Nicole as they traverse Canada helping people find monetary justice for the deaths of local children. From a bus plunge in British Columbia to a roller coaster mishap in Saskatchewan. From an e-coli outbreak in Manitoba to another bus plunge in Nunavut. But who’s that on their trail? Could it be Mitchell’s junkie daughter asking for a handout again?

Illustration: Jason Little

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