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Well, I guess you all know by now, George wants Dick!!! We'll be up to our ears with the campaign for the next few months, so I thought I'd catch everyone up while I still have the time. Besides, from now on you'll know everything going on in our lives by reading the morning paper!

Let's see..... Dick had another teeny tiny heart attack when he heard from George. (Between you and me, ladies, I have a teeny tiny heart attack every time I hear from George! Rowwwwl!) But it was just a little bittie one, and after an aspirin and a glass of water, he went right back to cleaning his guns. Can I just say I'm so glad the call finally came?! I mean, making him head the search committee and meet with all those awful "compassionate conservatives" - what is that about? If I had had a nickel for every time I said, "Stop teasing my Dick and put him in," I'd be a wealthier woman today, I tell you!

Elizabeth and Mary couldn't be happier for their dad. Liz's kids are adorable! Between them and Mary's cats, I'm one lucky grandma! As many of you know, our relationship with Mary is a bit strained. She and her dad particularly don't see eye to eye. I know they love each other, but sometimes it seems that she just doesn't like Dick. Fortunately, she loves Bush!

Hey, if anyone knows any former second ladies, would you have them give me a call. I've got a lot of questions, and Tipper won't return my calls. To all of you dear friends back in Wyoming, I have no idea when we'll see you next, but keep the big game in sight, just in case!

Okey doke, I better say goodbye. It's time to eat, and if dinner hits the table late Dick votes against dessert.

Hugs from our family to yours,

Lynne, Dick, Mary and Elizabeth

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