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RADIOHEAD LAUNCHED THEMSELVES into rock's vanguard with 1997's OK Computer. A post-punk, angst-ridden opus, the album—conjuring a neo-dystopian electronic cityscape—thrilled listeners with its surreal mix of placidity and anger. A synthetic masterpiece, the album blends genuine emotion with complex imagery to condemn the lack of humanity in a corporatized world. Languid, bleak, urgent yet inscrutable, it was the critics' choice of 1997 and inspired a generation of fans and artists.

Now it's three years later. RADIOHEAD IS BACK!!

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We're back again
Gonna bring the flava
Make ya head spin
—"Radiohead is Back (Gonna Make You Move)"

The lads from England are back and they've got a new groove. A fake plastic groove, that is. With Kid A, their highly anticipated new album, Radiohead is shifting gears with a mix of new jack balladry, hip-hop R&B and dance-club pop.

Hitting stores October 3, Kid A is more fast-paced and upbeat, with production from Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears) and Rodney Jerkins (Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton). "Our fans are the best fans in the world," says lead singer Thom Yorke (known as "the cute one"). "They put us where we are, and we'll never forget that."

The other members of Radiohead are guitarist Ed O'Brien (the naughty one), guitarist Jonny Greenwood (the shy one), bassist Colin Greenwood (the older brother) and drummer Phil Selway (the Jew).

And the album title? "The A is for 'attitude,'" says O'Brien. "Kid A is, like, a young, hip-hop dude with a lot of energy and a cool attitude. The album is his story."

Instead of cutting videos for the album's singles, the band is creating original animated "blips" for MTV that depict the album's story. The character of "Kid A" will be voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Don't miss Radiohead on tour this fall with B*Witched (sponsored by Dr. Pepper), and catch Jonny Greenwood's three-episode stint on "Roswell."

The track list from Kid A:
Radiohead is Back (Gonna Make You Move)
Baby, You Stole My Heart
I Miss You
You're the One for Me (featuring Mel B.)
Got it Goin' On (featuring Da Brat and Rich Cronin of LFO)
All the Love in My Heart
Freak U Up
My Heart Belongs to You (featuring Vitamin C and Aaron Carter)
Paranoid Android Heart
Dreaming of You
Download My Heart
Yo Quiero Bailar
Freak U Up (Radio Edit)

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