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The following opinions were drawn from the "user
comments" on the Internet Movie Database
. They are meant
to help others decide whether or not a film is worth seeing.

"My girlfriend came over and we watched it together. We both got really creeped out and it got colder in the room (while it was in the high 80's that night). She was hanging on to one of my arm's, while I held my gun with my free hand."

The Shining
"This movie is very interesting. I don't like scary movies because I can't sleep at night. The movie so far has been pretty good and has kept my interest. There have been many scary parts in the movie that really scared me but it is less scary because I am watching it with the class. I do not watch scary movies on my own but only when my friends want to watch it. This is my first time watching the Shining and I don't like it because the story is about a killer who kills his wife and his daughters. There is a boy with a special power who can shine, and tell the future and look into the past. I hope the movie turns out good and the boy can escape from his father trying to kill him. I did not see the beginning and I do not know what happened but so far its good and I hope to see the whole thing without getting too scared."

The Exorcist
"Black Sabbath was a work of genius. Star Wars was a work of genius. The Lord Of The Rings was a work of genius. What do these three pieces of art have that The Exorcist doesn't? The ability to entertain as well as offend certain people. The Exorcist is just plain offensive, and not for the most obvious reasons that are beaten to death (and then some) in the film.

"To put it simply, The Exorcist is a film that set back the cause of mental health by decades. Having done several tours of state mental hospitals in the past ten years, nothing offends me more than the absolute garbage in this film where everyone screams at the young priest that he is wrong simply because he is using his head rather than an ambiguous tome of lunacy as his guidance. And let's not ignore the fact that, in reality, Satan is the hero of the Old Testament. Don't think so? What would you do if some absolute jerk where you happen to work made himself out to be omnipresent and omnipotent, and threatened to destroy you the minute you got out of line (ie you didn't brownnose adequately). Speaking as probably the only rational man who is going to comment on this atrocity of a film, I would quietly pretend to worship him, then kick his miserable butt at the first opportunity. Which is exactly what Satan did in the Old Testament.

"As for the film itself, now that I've discussed the mentality behind it, I am just going to say this much: this film offends me as a human being, as a mental patient, and as a writer who is expected to check his facts at least somewhat properly. The fact that this film is hailed as a classic just goes to show how weak the Christian disease has made humanity."

The Omen
"To really get scared from watching this film, you have to believe that there is in fact an antiChrist. That alone will keep you shivering throughout the length of this film. It's about this invincible creature who drives to death all who try to destroy him or his evil. I think that's what he really does in real life. I think he's alive. I also have a strong belief that he is going to come out next year 1999. I also know his whereabouts. His identity is .... AHHHH PLEASE NO. By the way great performance by Gregory Peck. Great music and direction. Also, great sequels."

Rosemary's Baby
"Not very scary, but I'm hardened to just about anything. The rape scene is really cool and dramatic. My favorite part is the end. I don't like when John Cassavetes's character makes fun of Elisha Cook's character. That's mean and unnecessary and Elisha Cook seems really sweet and nice and he's one of my favorite actors. Other than that, it's a good movie."

"In the movie I love Ruth Gordon as Minnie. She is THE actress of the 60's. But also Mia Farrow as Rosemary is a reason to love that film! Sometimes you're asking yourself how somebody can be so pretty but then, in the middle of the film, she scares you - so skinny!"

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