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Stuff By Modern Humorist Contributors

Mirth of a Nation: The Best Contemporary Humor

This volume of "The Best Contemporary Humor" includes essays by Modern Humorist Co-Editor John Aboud, Senior Editor Daniel Radosh and contributors Jay Jennings, David Rakoff, Bill Scheft and Mark O'Donnell. Plus Daves Eggers and Barry in the same book for the first and last time ever.

Up Your Score 2001-2002: The Underground Guide to the SAT
by Michael Colton, et al

Modern Humorist rescued Co-Editor Michael Colton from a lifetime of churning out educational test-prep guides like this. Buy it for an ambitious 14-year-old.

Let Nothing You Dismay Also: Getting over Homer
by Mark O' Donnell

If you like Mark O'Donnell's cartoons, that's no indication at all that you'll also like his tragicomic novels of New York life. But we think you will.

How Murray Saved Christmas
by Mike Reiss

Mike Reiss, creator of such adult-oriented comedy as A Tour of The Trask Museum and Meet the New Five Dollar Bill conjures something for the kiddies in this new holiday tale.

Hair: The Quest to End Baldness
by Gersh Kuntzman

Gersh Kuntzman, better known to MH readers as ace political reporter Pseudonymous wants bald people to know that there is hope. Or at least that there is a funny new book they can pre-order.

The Magic Whistle Blows
by Sam Henderson

Cartoonist Sam Henderson deserves a book of his own. Fortunately, he has one.

Body Slam: The Jesse Ventura Story
by Jake Tapper

When Jake Tapper isn't drawing "The Adventures of Clintin" he puts actual full sentences together as political reporter for Salon, and also writes books like this one.

Lies, Sissies, and Fiascoes
Featuring David Rakoff

You've heard his voice on A Tour of the Trask Museum and on MH's On The Media skits, now hear him read his own material as part of this brilliant compilation from This American Life.

Strange Brew
Written and Directed by Rick Moranis

Yep, the Rick Moranis who conceived of MH's Tiger Woods photo funny is THAT Rick Moranis.

Next Stop: Troubletown
by Lloyd Dangle

Lloyd Dangle is far more prolific than his single illustration for us might imply. This book is proof.

Tobias the Quig and the Rumplenut Tree
by Tim Robinson

Some people would be content with just drawing people with no genitals. Not Tim Robinson. He wrote and illustrated a kids' book too.

Narrative Corpse: A Chain Story by 69 Artists
Co-edited by R. Sikoryak

From the illustrator of Alan Greenspan's Tales of Terror comes this equally chilling tome. Co-edited with Art Spiegelman and, more impressively, including a segment by Mort "Beetle Bailey" Walker.

Books | Video & DVD | CDs | Graphic Design Delights
Stuff By Modern Humorist Contributors | Amazon Workers Unite!

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