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Defending Your Life

Perhaps the only romantic comedy set in the afterlife, this film features one of the most satisfying endings to any movie, ever. Albert Brooks at his best, just before his selfish insecurity schtick began to grow old.


Fact: Jimmy Hoffa was born on Valentine's Day in 1913. Fact: Danny DeVito makes women hot. Curl up with your loved one, watch this movie and unionize. Or have sex. Either one.

The Manchurian Candidate

A love story about a mother, a son and a communist plot to destroy the United States. Only Frank Sinatra can sort out this mess. "The queen of hearts, Raymond, the queen of hearts."

True Romance

What everybody is looking for on Valentineís Day. This 1993 gem written by Quentin Tarantino features an all-star cast including a pre-ěSopranosî James Gandolfini and a post-ěPerfect Strangersî Bronson Pinchot.

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