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The Wet, Wet World of Fish
Kids are encouraged to gaze in awe at literally dozens of familiar-looking goldfish in our authentic, water-filled tank. Can you think of names for them? Go ahead! Parents are invited to relax in the adjacent Piscine Pavilion and enjoy one standard complimentary cocktail per visit.

The Erosion Explosion
Everywhere, all the time, oceans and rivers are eroding beaches and riverbeds in a continual dance of aquatic sculpting. Kids get to experience this natural phenomenon firsthand in our Silicate Demonstration Environment, where buckets, shovels and plastic molds shaped like The Little Mermaid are provided. Young marine geologists are urged to make their own sand structures, then pour cups of water on them and watch erosion in action. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy a wide selection of current magazines in the Literacy Lounge nearby, where a fine selection of tapas is available, along with unlimited beer, wine or sangria.


It’s Physics!
Slinkies, yo-yos, jacks-and-balls, confetti: what do they all have in common? Gravity! Trained museum instructors remind children of that fact, then let ‘em loose in the hands-on, free-form Gravitation Chamber, where the walls are padded, the door is soundproofed and budding physicists can drop, toss or fling anything they can get their explorative little hands on. And for the parents? Keno!

Emanations of Invisibility
They’re part of the electromagnetic spectrum—invisible, silent and yet everywhere. They’re radio waves. How do they work? Easy. Just turn on the radio! Everybody knows that, and it’s what kids re-discover in the Audible Sound Realization Room, where there’s always something playing. Adults not "into" the current sounds are invited to meet and mingle across the floor at Marconi’s, where there’s never a cover and Buffalo wings are half-price on Tuesdays.

The Zone of Absolute Silence
What is the sound of no hands clapping? And no feet running? And no kids talking or shouting or laughing or screaming? Trained museum Silence Keepers challenge kids to sit in chairs and remain completely quiet, as measured on modern audio monitoring equipment, for up to one hour. Those unable to comply are invited into the unappealing, frankly frightening, Other Room, while Mom and Dad enjoy, in the nearby Trans-Chronal Time Abridgement Facility, classic sports highlight films and the best of early MTV!


What is Knowing Stuff? In this challenging hourly demonstration, trained museum volunteers ask, "Who here knows what a door-knob is?" When kids raise their hands, they get well-earned praise ("Everyone? Wow, you guys are really smart!") and a two-fisted dip into the Bottomless Bowl of M&Ms. Older "kids" (ages 21 and up) get to explore the more sophisticated aspects of probability at state-sanctioned The Math of Blackjack demonstrations.

Inner Rhythms of the Heart
Kids get to listen to their own heartbeat on an actual stethoscope. There’s only one, so those waiting in line must be patient and very quiet. Parents will be right next door experiencing "first hand" the skin-masseuse interface in the Full Human Body Massage Project. (Tipping permitted.)


Computer Commotion
What happens when you turn a hundred kids loose in a room full of old 386 DOS computers? Who cares! Certainly not parents and caregivers; they’ll be too busy exploring the miracle of skin pigmentation on the ultra-safe tanning beds of Club U.V. Free lemonade!

Media Lab
See yourself on TV. Or see your favorite TV shows on TV— just like at home! The Lab has two dozen "analog ready" televisions, so there’s no waiting and very little bickering. Meanwhile, grownups may want to check out Planet Eros, where private "viewing rooms" are available with bed, stall shower and dead-bolt lockable doors.


Now showing: "In Search Of Movies About Dinosaurs" – Highlight clips and production stills from "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World." Sponsored by Universal Pictures.

…And before you leave – Don’t forget to visit the Gift Shop at the north entrance. It’s the only museum gift shop that has its own gift shop!

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