Modern Humorist - Fall Movie Preview
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The sophisticated creative product detailed herein may not be suitable for simplistic minds or anyone under 18. Do not continue forward unless you enjoy seeing consummate actors stretch themselves to the limit of their physical and emotional endurance. Do not read this Fall Movie Preview unless you appreciate the risks actors take in playing "quirky" roles and adopting an assortment of accents—sometimes British.

Spoiler Alert!

The film summaries in this Fall Movie Preview feature NEVER BEFORE DISCUSSED details about the MIDDLES and ENDINGS of highly anticipated releases. If you are under 18 you probably lack the will power to keep these details to yourself.

Further Warnings!

Plots in some Fall Movies may be based on the works of Henry James. If you dislike cinematic adaptations of acclaimed novels, the following content may trouble you (and may be illegal for you to view if you are under 18).

Some of the Fall Movies previewed herein contain double penetration: They contain ideas that will penetrate both your mind and your spirit.

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