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After the second [Emmy Awards] cancellation, CBS and the academy considered a number of dates and scenarios, including simply delivering the awards to the winners, holding the show on a studio lot or staging it at a military base with troops in the audience. —Associated Press

Dear Emmy award nominee:

As you are no doubt aware, the recent terrorist attacks caused the postponement of the 53rd Annual Emmy Awards—twice—and threatened the freedoms of our most precious resource, our TV personalities. But we and our sponsors are not cowed. We urge you to join your fellow stars and attend the Emmy Awards, to be held at the Shubert Theater, ably protected by eight national guard units and a Delta Force commando disguised as Amy Brenneman.

Rest assured that security precautions of Ted Danson proportions have been implemented. Each envelope will be carefully inspected by extras from the CBS hit "JAG," and Cipro will be handed out at the door, along with the traditional Altoids and Vicodin.

If you are too afraid to travel, a member of the CBS family (don't worry, it won't be Mike O'Malley) will be happy to accept your Emmy on your behalf.

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