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Q: Isn't it "Daylight SavingS," plural?
No. "Daylight" is singular; therefore, "Daylight Saving" is singular. However, it is grammatically acceptable to use the plural if your home planet orbits a binary star.

Q: When does Daylight Saving Time start this year?
Daylight Saving Time will begin on April 7 this year. That means Russell Crowe's birthday will be only twenty-three hours long this year. Denzel Washington's birthday, meanwhile, continues through the next seven months.

Q: How does Daylight Saving Time work?
On the first Sunday of April at 2 a.m., clocks are set forward one hour. On the first Sunday of September, the clocks move back. On July 12, 2008, the clocks will begin making these kinds of decisions on their own.

Q: Is Daylight Saving Time uniform across the United States?
No. Daylight saving time is not observed in the United States' far-flung, primitive, backward island territories, such as the Virgin Islands, or Hawaii. Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time, thanks to the efforts of Sen. John McCain to stop "the flow of 'soft time' that the special interests are using to corrupt Washington's Circadian rhythms." And Indiana is divided among counties that switch from Eastern Standard to Eastern Daylight Times, counties that switch from Central Standard to Central Daylight Times, and counties that are technically part of the Eastern time zone but don't switch to Daylight Saving Time.

Q: Why would Indiana do that?
Indiana residents are nicknamed "Hoosiers," derived from the French fur trapper's slang "housier," which means "one who makes life more difficult for the sake of something to do."

Q: Do other countries observe Daylight Saving Time?
Yes, though it is implemented differently in each country. For example, Iran changes its clocks by the Iranian calendar devised by poet-astronomer Omar Khayyam, whose famous Rubaiyat, in an early draft, begins:

Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight:
And Lo! the Clock of Time has shifted Hands —
An Hour's Sleep is lost for later Light.
Make sure to reset your VCR!

Q: What about seasonal differences in the Southern Hemisphere?
Countries in the Southern Hemisphere have Daylight Saving Time during the other half of the year to reflect their reversed schedule of seasons. Australia, for example, ended Daylight Saving Time on March 31, and Namibia will end Daylight Saving Time on April 7. So, if Russell Crowe were in the U.S. on Sunday, he would have a 23-hour birthday. If he were home in Australia, he would have a 24-hour birthday. But he will probably have a 25-hour birthday, as he will most likely be in Namibia.

Q: Does Daylight Saving Time actually save daylight?
Yes. With the extra hours of daylight saved, most people open up a money market fund to maintain daylight liquidity and preserve daylight capital.

Q: Does anybody dislike Daylight Saving Time?
Farmers oppose Daylight Saving Time. Training roosters to crow exactly one hour before sunrise is very, very difficult; un-training them in the fall is nigh impossible, and usually requires electric shock therapy denounced by several animal rights groups.

Q: Who first thought of Daylight Saving Time?
Benjamin Franklin first proposed a version of "summer time" while experimenting with electricity, and discovering that a charged Leyden jar could effectively cure an insomniac rooster, if it survived.

Q: How old will Russell Crowe be on Sunday, anyway?
I'm sorry, this FAQ is about Daylight Saving Time.

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