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THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reported on Thursday that an American collector paid more than $45,000 for a card, handwritten by “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, full of clues to the plot of the long-awaited fifth “Harry Potter” book. Sotheby's auction house in London only revealed that the words "Ron ... broom ... sacked ... house-elf ... new ... teacher ... dies ... sorry" are among the 93 words on the card.

still busy working through thirty-eight chapter sex manual with husband...up to part with broom...might change Ron to a less sorry and pathetic house-elf named Seejee-Eye...have sacked my ghost-writer so writing can book will prominently feature Harry Potter...I know the rules to Quidditch make no sense...stop bothering me about it...too late teacher makes a pass at Hermione, now going through puberty...somebody dies in the book...might even be never know...really...I swear, it's entirely possible...tired, so tired

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