Sweet, Sweet Music
Wilco, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"
Smart pop from Boston. A band you don't know, but should.
A kick-ass, occasionally pretentious, freeform college radio broadcast from Duke University.
Mary Prankster "Blue Skies Over Dundalk"
A brutal, funny, sometimes sexy EP from the coolest woman in the history of Annapolis.
"Song + Distance"
Miguel Frasconi, sound designer of MH Live, composes ethereal, avant-garde and non-Western music when he isn't around jackasses such as we.
"In Search Of...", N.E.R.D.
The Neptunes, reigning kings of hip-hop production (Jay-Z, Janet, Busta), step out in front with their own CD.
“Is This It,” The Strokes
Indeed, this is probably it.
The Sophtware Slump. Grandaddy
Sorta like Radiohead in "OK Computer" phase. Grandaddy is probably sick of hearing that. Sorry, guys.
Alive, Daft Punk
45 minutes of crazy pop techno from Frenchmen. Yes, Frenchmen. Recorded live.
Quiet Is The New Loud, Kings of Convenience
Ever wonder what a Norwegian Simon and Garfunkel would sound like? Well then, all four of you will love this folky album full of sublime melodies. Will give fans of Belle and Sebastian a reason to live until their next album.
Tenacious D
If you've seen them live or caught their short-lived HBO series, you know that Jack Black and Kyle Gass are God's gift to comedy and Satan's gift to rock. With their new debut album, they are now the angels' gift to digital recording technology. Featuring the classic "Fuck Her Gently."
A Better Version of Me, Rainer Maria
Pop-punk-emocore band with alternating male/female vocalists. Like an indie college-rock version of Fleetwood Mac.

Sketches of Spain, Miles Davis
Scared of jazz? You shouldn’t be! Scared of the implacable coolness of Miles Davis? That you should fear. One of Miles’s most popular albums, this classic is for both the jazz lover and the neophyte. It’s the tenth anniversary of Miles’s death, so show your respect by getting this album today.

Car Radio Jerome, Fred Lane and His Hittite Hot Shots
Too scary to be a novelty record, too strange to be anything else, this 1975 album by Rev. Fred Lane is a category in itself. Sounds like the Glenn Miller band playing the songs of Captain Beefheart. Kids will enjoy the catchy ditty “The French Toast Man.”
Amazing Colossal Band. Laika & the Cosmonauts
Surf music from Finland. Cool stuff. No pun intended.
Closing Time. Tom Waits
Twelve amazing love songs by scary-voiced superstar. Ah, love!
Swingin' Easy. Sarah Vaughan
Ever fall in love with somebody other than yourself? This would have made a great gift for that person.
All-Time Greatest Hits. Barry White
"It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me." Boom.
Machine Gun Etiquette. The Damned
"I'll be the bail, if you'll be the guard/I'll be the ink on your season ticket card/I'll be the rubbish/if you'll be the bin/I'll be the paint on the sign/if you'll be the tin." Eyes misting over yet?
Ugly Pt.1 (Enhanced CD-Single). Daphne & Celeste
For those who get off on being taunted by squeaky-voiced cheerleaders. And who doesn't?
One Foot In The Grave. Beck
Lesser-known album of pure folkified pleasure. Not to be missed.
Southern Journey, Vol. 5—Bad Man Ballads: Songs of Outlaws And Desperadoes, compiled by Alan Lomax
Songs about criminals (sometimes sung by criminals) will scare you straight.
The Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Jonathan Richman
Catchy, funny love songs to girls, ice cream, Martians, the abominable snowman, the financial district, New England, a dead car and the modern world.
69 Love Songs (Box Set). The Magnetic Fields
Yes, there are actually 69 original love songs in this collection. No, it doesn't get repetitive. Yes, buying this will get you laid.

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