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Hooked on a Feeling
by Francis Heaney

TWO TEENAGE LOVERS, Tom and Susan, were at their high school prom when Tom suggested they go for a drive up to Lovers' Lane. Susan put up some resistance, but soon acceded.

As they were on their way, Tom turned on the radio just in time to catch a news report about a murderer who had escaped from the local penitentiary: "He should be easy to recognize, as he only has one hand. On the other hand he wears a hook. If you see him, do not try to apprehend him. He is extremely dangerous. Call the authorities and lock your door or leave the area."

Susan expressed some concern over this report, and suggested that maybe it would be safer if they went home instead, but Tom reassured her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and they continued their drive to Lovers' Lane.

Soon after they arrived, things started getting pretty steamy between Tom and Susan. As Susan began removing her panties, she noticed a strange noise. "Tom...did you hear that? It sounded like something rubbing against the car."

"Probably just some branches," Tom replied, as he responsibly put on a condom, "but I'll lock the doors if it'll make you feel better." Afterwards, Susan noticed the rubbing noises continued for quite some time, but ignored it as she concentrated on having an orgasm.

Later, Tom drove Susan home in a blissful post-coital haze, and pulled up in front of her house. He thanked her for a lovely evening, got out of the car to open her door for her, and there, on her door handle, was a handkerchief filled with semen.

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