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The Phantom Friend of a Friend
by Daniel Radosh

ONE DAY, after drying her poodle in a microwave, a girl went back to her dorm room to see if her roommate wanted to go to a movie, but when she got there, her roommate was asleep with all the lights off, so she felt around for her things in the dark and left, but not before petting her Doberman, who seemed to be choking on something but who nonetheless managed to lick her hand. The girl drove to her boyfriend’s house to see if he wanted to go see the movie. On the way, a passing car flashed its lights at her, and when she stopped for gas, the attendant acted all weird and tried to get her to come inside. When she got to her boyfriend’s house, she didn’t find him there, although she did hear a strange squeaking sound on the roof of her car. So she said hi to his Chihuahua and watered his cactus and drove to the movie… But to her horror, it was "Urban Legends: Final Cut"! She has not been heard from since.

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