Pages from My First Presidentiary

My Heart Will Go On
What to do in case of a Vice-Presidential heart attack

Cool and Unusual Punishment
Dubya unveils the Executionator

All the President's Mnemonics
How Dubya remembers who he hired

Dubya to Mumia: No Clemency!
Bush cracks down hard on the NBA's all-time leading scorer

Other POTUS funnies

The Columbia Letters
Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner respond to an eager pupil.

W: The Motion Picture

George W. Bush unveils his new campaign slogans

Colin Powell's Schedule at a Glance
Rockin' with the Secretary of State

I Wanna Veto Bills All Nite (and Party Every Day)
Bush picks the hits

CyberUniting, Not CyberDividing
Dubya spams "Internet Al" Gore

The W is for Writer
The president discusses his new book and the literary life

FAQ: The Bush Daughters
The lowdown on the President's progeny

elcome to ashington
Other est ing pranks

George W. Bush's Wish List
What Amazon doesn't want you to see

Read W's Inauguration Day Schedule

Read W's Diaries from last year's convention

West Winging It
The first hundred days of George W.

Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner discuss My First Presidentiary — read the transcript!

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