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   Most common name for a girl: Mary

  Most common name for a boy: Farnsworth

  Average penis length: 72.1 years

  Most popular hair color: Neapolitan

  Most popular per capita outcome: eventual bitterness and/or complacency

  Most popular overall: Alicia Hunter, Baton Rouge, LA

Biggest Fear

  Number of illiterate Americans: 0

  Number of armless Americans: 0

  Number of Americans allergic to paper: 0

  Number of Americans no longer living: 0

Slice Options

Most populous state: probably California or some shit

Most common marital difficulty: lack of spouse

Best appliance store: the one with the greatest selection and lowest prices

Favorite part of Census 2000: helping policy makers get an accurate picture of American demographics so they can better allocate monies and resources

Least favorite part: waiting for the results!

Bad Math


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