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Movie Trailer Cliché Theater
Coming this summer to a multiplex near you

The Jim Morrison Simulatron
The Lizard King breaks on through to Flash technology

Rough Draft: Pop Culture
the Way It Almost Was

Harry Potter and the Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
A cross-breeding of today's foremost literary talents

The Perfect Score: Summer Movie Songs

Star Saga: Inside the making
of the "Star Saga" saga

Your favorite sci-fi epic as you've never seen it before

The Real-Life Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
How to endure karaoke, blood pudding, Billy Bob Thornton

The Britney Papers
Literary giants can't get no satisfaction

J: The Jerry Magazine
Healthy living from Jerry Springer

Didja Know?
Movie trivia for trivial movies

Behind the Behind the Music
A broadband bonbon

Speaking Truth to Superpowers
The New York Times enlists the X-Men in its battle for the Pulitzer

What Nike's Getting for its $100 Million

OK, I Did It Again
An exclusive preview of the new Radiohead album

Acting Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Celebrity Valentine's Day cards


Comedy Under Siege
Terrorism, anthrax and other hilarity

My First Presidentiary
A scrapbook by George W. Bush

And you thought the ballots were confusing

Stick It To Me
Adhesive lapel-based messages

Full Metal Keyboard
Al Gore's Vietnam flashbacks

The financial magazine for after the crash

Meet the New Five Dollar Bill
Coming to a wallet near you


Napster Equals Communism
Intellectual property theft? Why, it's as bad as Hitler

A Guide to Netiquette

Aping the latest Web fad

My Modern Humorist
Our new personalization system

Before There Was E-Mail
Forwarding jokes through history

Ask Jeez
Helpful hints from the son of God

First Aid for the Dying Dot-Com
A post-New Economy safety poster

Name That Baby
A guide for soon-to-be-parents

Napster: The Motion Picture
Coming soon to a theatre near you


Grating Cards
Cards that convey what you're too cowardly to say

1013 Vague News
Mostly news, most of the time

Punchie the Love Puppy!

One Nation, Extra Cheese
The Foreigner's Guide to America

Positive Prank Phone Calls
Why be cruel when you can be kind?

The Anthology of Anagram Literature

Wikipedia Jones and the Case of the Dead Child Beauty Queen
...and more case files

Save America! Week
Using the power of art to promote civic responsibility

Sex (And Why Not To Have It)
A pamphlet from the National Association of Pornographers

Zoomy's Fun Page
Fun for ages nine to nine-and-a-half!

Life's Toughest Critics
Zagat surveys existence

A Tour of the Trask Museum
America's finest collection of ruthless robber baron art

Airtoons 2
Flight attendants, prepare for the misappropriation of familiar images

Dad to the Bone
Father's day cards for the brutally honest

From the Bottom of my Sense of Humor
Valentine's Day e-cards

The Breakfast Table
Joan Didion and a spambot slouch toward bewilderment

Wish You Were Real
Places we didn't visit this summer

If Only He Could Draw
The cartoons of Mark O'Donnell

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