a parody...

WHO IS TALK Talk is a man who loves it when a plan comes together, and a woman who loves that same man. Talk is a small child staring out a big window, looking at a dog, or a plane, or a poster supporting the campaign of Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate. Talk is F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bjork, funny black people, stoic Filipinos and daring Asians. Talk is astronauts and kremlinologists, people who read the New York Times Book Review but don’t actually read books, and Helena Bonham Carter. Talk is a foreigner, often a mysterious foreigner, who kills for pleasure. Talk is gay people, and lesbians. Talk is civilians who’ve slept with celebrities. Talk is celebrities who have died. Talk is celebrities who are more interesting than other celebrities who have died. Talk is celebrities who have died but still sleep with other celebrities, some of whom of have died, others of whom have yet to die, and still others of whom will never, ever die...ever. Talk is celebrities who kill for pleasure.

WHAT IS TALK Conversation! Discussion! Chatter! Banter! Emotion! Solipsism! Pretension! Cold fusion and Krispy Kremes! A really close, well-played Super Bowl. The little feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you look at the sea, with your eyes squinted, at night, drunk. Talk is interestingly nice, and nicely interesting. Physically challenged. Challengingly physical. Writing. And writers. News. And newsmakers. Baking. And bakers. Flimflam. And flimflammers. Talk is something that we should do. Talk is something for me and you. Talk is natural! Talk is good! Not everybody does it, but everybody should.

WHEN IS TALK Right now! No, wait...right now.

WHERE IS TALK Anywhere there is hope and light, and a will to live.

WHY IS TALK Because we like you. (Have you learned to like yourself?)

HOW IS TALK Talk gets personal. It goes through your stuff when you’re not looking. Talk breaks from the norm and widens the playing field. Talk debates the next Topic A, from Viagra to movies, and back to Viagra again, with some stuff about books in there, too.

Talk is a close-up of a flower in motion–with a fresh ear to the ground.

Talk is what you have heard about in other magazines and newspapers and radio shows and television newsmagazines and on other web sites, in chat rooms, movies, sitcoms, cable shows, about which you want to know even more–stories about which there has been much talk, but about which there has not yet been stylish writing.

Talk is you.

Talk is you.