Where else, besides most other major magazines and newspapers and web sites and cable news networks, will you find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Hillary Clinton, one of our most reclusive stars? The first issue of Talk magazine will feature Lucinda Franks’ profile of the First Lady. Mrs. Clinton also sat down with Tina Brown for an intimate tête a tête, and talkmagazine.net has an excerpt:


Hillary: ...So then the idea for the magazine was–

Tina: The original idea for the magazine was "The American Conversation." Is there truly a magazine out there already that reflects what we Americans, or we British-Americans, converse about on a daily basis? That exemplify the ideals we all hold dear?

Hillary: I suppose not.

Tina: No, there isn’t, Hillary. We have the market research to prove it.

Hillary: Tell me some of the other projects spinning off of Talk.

Tina: Well of course, you know about the movies, books and television projects. But we are developing other magazines as well. Next spring we launch Teen Talk, with Jane Pratt serving as creative consultant. We envision it as "The American Teen Conversation." Then we’ll attack the Spanish market with Habla–"La Conversación Latinoamericana."

Hillary: Fantastic.

Tina: Yes. Well, we should talk about you a bit, Hillary. Or shall I say, Senator Hillary.

Hillary: Well, thank you, Tina, and I thank you for all the coverage your magazine is devoting to my campaign, but I’d like to keep the focus on–

Tina: Tell me something, Hillary. You are a radiant blonde, and you are married to a tall, absurdly debonair man. Amid the clichés about his charm, his glamour is certainly undersung, especially at state dinners for Tony Blair.

Hillary: Oh. That's...kind of you.

Tina: For those of us who had dismissed him as a garrulous, blow-dried, lip-biting occupant of the oval orifice, this comes as a slight shock. Forget for a moment all the Beltway halitosis breathed upon his image. Forget the dog-in-the-manger, down-in the mouth neo-puritanism of the op-ed tumbrel drivers–

Hillary: That Maureen Dowd is a bit of a tumbrel dr–

Tina: –and consider that he has more heat than any star at the multiplex. His height, his sleekness, his cropped, iron-filing hair and the intensity of his blue eyes project a kind of avid inclusiveness that encircles every jaded celebrity he meets. He is vividly in the present tense and dares you to join him there. Wouldn’t you say so, Hillary?

Hillary: "Vividly in the present tense?"

Tina: Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Read the rest of Tina Brown’s interview with Hillary Clinton in Talk, on newsstands soon!