Table of Contents from Talk Issue #1


The Quiet Fury of Adam Sandler
By Umberto Eco

Tina Brown and Hillary Clinton on each other

Our Next Senator

By Lucinda Franks

Our Next President
By Tucker Carlson

Democrats, Woo-Hoo!

Republicans are Great, Too

Everybody’s Cool

Building the Dream
By Harvey Weinstein

"The Janitor on Mars Goes Hawaiian"
Fiction by Martin Amis

"The Soccer Coach Was Gay"
Fiction by Tucker Carlson

IPO Mania
Buckets of money are out there. Buckets. James J. Cramer got one. Where's yours? You a loser? By James Surowiecki

Women I Want to Sleep With
What do A.M. Homes, James King, Lucianne Goldberg, and a young Lena Horne have in common? A monthly column by Phillip Weiss

On Choosing a Millennium Party
By George Plimpton

Gay Celebrity Lookalikes Who've Slept with Straight Celebrities

Note: The Gay Celebrity Lookalikes are Celebrity Lookalikes who happen to be Gay, not Lookalikes of Gay Celebrities. By Bob Morris

Night of One Thousand Models
Every industry—including fashion and swimsuit—requires models. Models! By Michael Gross

George Stephanopoulos on George Stephanopoulos
By George Stephanopoulos

European-Style Photography
By European-Style Photographers

What if Heidi Fleiss Were a Man? Specifically, Martin Amis.
By Christopher Buckley

Karl Marx: A Life

By Liz Taylor

Rosenkranz and Guildenstern are Dad
Coming to terms with my father, a 16th-century fop. By Tom Stoppard

Dispatch from Wall Street
The early trading indicates a mixed finish by the closing bell. Submitted May 5, 1999 at 10:15 a.m. By James J. Cramer

The World Through a Monocle: Details Magazine at Midcentury
By Michael Caruso

What People Say to Each Other When the Reporters Go Home

The Intimate Story of Our Times

Secrets Revealed. Ideas Explored. Truths Exposed. Also, an Astrology Column.

Gossip—and the truth it hides.

Pure Crap
By Steve Martin