Welcome to the Talk Media Valued Associates Extranet. For those of you who are new to our site, welcome! We hope you enjoy the information we have to offer about Talk magazine. Those of you who are returning already know about our exciting programs to reflect and shape the content of Miramax films.

We currently offer four levels of Talk Media Association:

six month advertising commitment to Talk
Eye-catching, right-hand side ad placement
Invitation to quarterly Bagels ’n’ Talk literary breakfast series
One (1) Talk Media cloisonné pin
Four tickets to Miramax night at the Angelika Film Center

one year advertising commitment to Talk
Prominent front-of-the-book ad placement
Invitation to bimonthly "Cigar Hang" with Ron Galotti at Whisky Bar
Three (3) "Wit of Martin Amis" Daily Desk Calendars
Two (2) casual references to your product or service in Miramax films over 18 months.

Friend of Gwyneth
Supporting Level plus sponsorship of a Tina Brown special on ABC television
Special ad supplement with all copy written by authors from Barnes and Nobles’ Discover Great New Writers program.
Invitation to be a guest panelist during a Bagels ’n’ Talk literary breakfast
Several (6) glowing mentions of your product or service by Gwyneth Paltrow
Two (2) lines in a Miramax film which use your product or service’s name in a memorable pun, PLUS a hero shot of your product or logo.

Admirals’ Club
Friend of Gwyneth Level plus a co-marketing agreement for two Miramax films OR seven Talk/Miramax books.
One double theme issue devoted to your industry or sector
Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard studio-in-progress conducted by Messrs. Weinstein, Giuliani, and Damon.
Repeated (4x) snubbing of executives from your competitors by Ron Galotti during his active social life.
A major Act III plot point of a Miramax film will hinge on the timely intervention of your product or service PLUS a hero shot of your logo and a walk-on role for you or a loved one.

Opportunities in the Miramax 2001-2002 Release List
Note: Contact your account manager immediately, as these films may enter production without warning. For a list of product-placement agencies, who will insure that your placement reinforces your brand image, click on http://www.erma.org.

Currently in Pre-Production for 2001 Release

The Golden Bowl
Source: Henry James novel
Talent attached: Merchant/Ivory, producers; Affleck, Damon. Need we say more?
Associate slots: Supporting level (references cannot be anachronistic). Ending negotiable.

Scream 3: The Cutting-Room Floor (Dimension)
Source: more of the same
Talent attached: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Seth Green
Writer attached: Kevin Williamson (negotiable)
Associate slots: Miramax will match Patrons’ donations to youth violence prevention programs. Soundtrack up for grabs.

Civilians Who’ve Slept With Celebrities (Notting Hill II)
Source: Talk magazine article
Talent attached: Julia Stiles, Giovanni Ribisi, Al Pacino (as himself)
Associate slots: Admirals’ Club. Opportunities for liquor manufacturers, nightclub chains.

Liz Taylor: A Life
Source: Talk magazine article
Talent attached: Dame Judi Dench, Anthony Minghella
Associate slots: All levels. Script will have many attractive choices for financial services company, bookseller, or high-end grocery chain.

Currently in Development for 2001 Release

Source: Neil Gaiman comic book
Talent associated: faerie folk
Associate slots: Many good choices for herbal supply chains, Wiccan bookstores, and a coffee/tea retailer. Ideal for the hard-to-reach moping Goth market.

Karl Marx: A Life
Source: Talk magazine article
Talent attached: Ralph Fiennes, Calista Flockhart
Associate slots: Friend of Gwyneth Level puns only

The George Stephanopoulos Interview

Source: The George Stephanopoulos Interview
Talent attached: Tom Stoppard (writer)
Associate Slots: All levels.

In Turnaround

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (Dimension shot-by-shot remake)
Ideal Husband II
Tucker Carlson’s My Soccer Coach Was Gay
The Turn Of The Screw
Time’s Arrow (possible usage of ILM’s special backward-filming technology)
Untitled Hillary Project (Gwyneth attached)

Currently Optioned

The Information
London Fields
Money : A Suicide Note
Night Train
Rachel Papers, The Next Volume

In Development for 2002 ABC Network Telecast

Understanding Martin Amis
Source: anthology by James Diedrick, Matthew Bruccoli (Editors)