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Dear delegates,

Welcome to LA, the Capital City of the 21st Century!

All of us here in the City of Angels are proud and honored to host the Democratic National Convention.

As you probably know, I have been a supporter of the Democratic party for many years. Why? Because it is the party of ordinary Americans. It is the party of working parents, like the ones portrayed by Teri Garr and Richard Dreyfuss in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It is the party of minorities, like the ones you may remember from "Amistad" and "The Color Purple." It is the party of people who were saved from the Nazis, and of those who are attacked by great white sharks. Most of all, it is the party of the Greatest Generation, who fought the noblest war ever to ensure that I would have material for blockbuster films for years and years.

The Democratic Party is also the party of a great public servant, a brilliant thinker, an inspiring speaker, a man unsurpassed in his leadership, and, I am proud to say, a close personal friend of mine—Bill Clinton. It’s almost impossible for me to express in words how much I treasure Bill and Hillary’s friendship, but if it were a film, it would be called "magical," "awe-inspiring," and "a heartwarming masterpiece," and I would coax Bill to me with a trail of Reese’s Pieces.

I’ve been trying to convince Bill to join us here in Hollywood for the next act of his career. Which brings me to the question we’re all asking: Who will live in the White House after Bill and Hillary, and will he be strong enough to continue the Clinton policy of inviting Steven Spielberg to stay in the Lincoln bedroom?

I’m happy to say that with Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in the White House, Hollywood’s directors, actors, producers and certain writers will be as welcome as ever in Washington, DC! Provided their films do not feature gratuitous sex or violence.

Steven Spielberg

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A Warm Welcome from
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