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TO MANY VISITORS, America seems like a bewildering place, filled with gun-toting yahoos, self-obsessed celebrities, and really, really fat people. These visitors confront the same set of mysteries: Why is there a roller coaster inside a mall in Minnesota? How have college students found so many creative ways to ingest malted barley flavored with hops? Why do Americans forecast the weather based on the behavior of small animals on February 2? When did bacon become its own food group? These riddles of the ages can be answered with a few simple words: AMERICA is the BESTEST COUNTRY EVER!

Modern Humorist is proud to announce the publication of ONE NATION, EXTRA CHEESE: Your Guide to the Bestest Country Ever. In the tradition of Lewis and Clark, Alexis de Tocqueville, and the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, we’ve crisscrossed America to find out what makes our states so united. ONE NATION, EXTRA CHEESE (written and illustrated entirely in American) explores all the excesses and idiosyncrasies that make our nation great. From the comedy team that brought you the bestselling My First Presidentiary and the acclaimed Rough Draft, ONE NATION, EXTRA CHEESE is a wickedly satirical, fully illustrated guide to our beloved melting pot.

"Wickedly satirical!"

"All of the grandeur of America has been condensed into one breathtaking book. That book is Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman."
Conan O’Brien

"Modern Humorist
has produced a truly funny book about America. Just imagine what they could do to a stupid country. Like Finland."
—Mike Reiss, producer of The Simpsons

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