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If the "Am I Hot or Not?" score was low, you will most likely have sustained a blow to the ego, the effects of which are characterized by rapid, shallow rationalization and a sudden loss of complacency. Take the following steps:

Firmly remove your photo from the site by clicking on the appropriate link.

Search for anything that can be used as an explanation for your low score–the quality of the photo, the possibility of a bitter ex-lover posting the photo in order to vote against you, and so on.

Explore the site carefully. Give anyone better-looking than you a "1." Repeat process until mood is elevated.

Worst-Case Scenarios:
Fart in crowded elevator
Significant other rents "Forrest Gump"
Photo posted on "Am I Hot or Not?"
Heart broken by bastard/bitch
Poppy seed in teeth in social setting

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