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It is paramount to remove the poppy seed as soon as possible. The longer it remains in the patient’s teeth, the greater the risk of embarrassment. Follow these steps:

Try to signal the patient. Use a VHF radio or a high-decibel whistle to get his attention. Reflective surfaces such as a wristwatch or eyeglasses can be used as signalling devices if nothing else is available. You can use them to reflect sunlight or, if you are indoors, throw them forcefully at the head and chest area of the patient.

Once you have the patient’s attention, use your extended index finger to point to your teeth. Tap your teeth smartly if necessary.

Patient should be able to dislodge poppy seed with a fingernail, matchbook cover, ice axe, or crowbar.

Worst-Case Scenarios:
Fart in crowded elevator
Significant other rents "Forrest Gump"
Photo posted on "Am I Hot or Not?"
Heart broken by bastard/bitch
Poppy seed in teeth in social setting

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