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To our dear, dear viewers:

This fall, TV is keepin' it real!

Real funny, real dramatic, real exciting, real spontaneous and real cheap to produce. All six networks—and cable too!—are debuting shows carefully designed to bring out the genuine worst in genuine people, all for your genuine amusement.

While we're thrilled to be presenting the best of Reality TV, we know that some of you have a touch of realism fatigue, judging from the ratings for "Big Brother," "Survivor" reruns and "American High" (it was about a school—we didn't watch it, either). That's why we're adding something completely new to this year's schedule: Pretend TV. It's television that is entirely made-up. We hired people who had imaginary friends when they were growing up—sometimes entire kingdoms—and we paid them to create stories that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or get otherwise aroused. Excited? Well, it gets better: We've found attractive people to say the words created by our "writers" (it's an industry term). The combination is downright magical.

To recap, here is the 2000 fall TV season in images:

Reality TV:

Reality TV and Pretend TV:

We've just added another dimension to your viewing experience. Enjoy.

Yours sincerely and pretendly,

Lucy K. Blanchard
Society for the Promotion of Television


Fall Schedules: ABC | CBS | NBC | FOX | WB | UPN | CABLE
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